Jul 12, 2008
It's Been A Year
It's been a year since my last post here. And I say, much has changed.... A lot of things have changed... But since I just recently turned 23 ten days ago, Im sharing a few of the changes in my life since the last I posted a blog here. Bear with me..

1. Work - I feel so blessed when it comes to work. My first job was as an analyst. I worked there for 5 mos. and made friends with great people. I learned a lot from it. But I have to quit that job since I wanted something more, something that would provide me with the right training suitable for the career I wanted. So I joined SGV& Co. last November. What makes the firm a really nice place to work is the fact that you learn a lot, the work environment is one-of-a-kind since you basically work with people your age. It's even amazing how clients respect us eventhough were much younger than them. Training wise, it's the best possible training one can ever get. I survived my first busy season last April and I'm looking forward to the next.

2. Friends - My college friends and I don't hang up that often already. Maybe because we're too busy with our own career and the fact that most of my friends are in Makati. Although, I never really envy them for being in the financial district, I just miss them a lot! Last December, I was able to spend sometime with my closest friends. It felt so great being with them, talking to them and sharing our plans for the future. *sigh* I love them.

3. Sports - I rekindled my love with badminton. I remember how my cousins and I used to play this game. I didn't sign up for the gym membership in our office since I don't think I will ever have the time to religiously attend it. I plan to play badminton as often as I can but I am also planning to buy some weights since I don't want to grow old with saggy arms. hehehehehe

4. Travel - My work has allowed me to go to places I have never been to. It's an education for me... I learned how to ride a bus (although, I admit I was so scared!) and I enjoyed it actually. Before kasi kahit Digos pa lang, sumusuka na ako. But now, I've conquered it! We also went to Bohol for our summer outing... I enjoyed it a lot! :) Bohol is such a must-see place!

5. Love - It's not really me if I post pictures of the person I love. I just don't do it. It's just not me. But you know what???? I'm happy with the relationship I am in. I never felt so much loved and appreciated by anyone. Eventhough we are miles apart, I'm contented. We both have space to grow and really know what we want. All I know now is that we love each other and I plan to stay this way. xoxo!

While typing all this blah blah, my cousins and I are in Kasagingan right now. I try to spend as much time as I can with them since come January, I know I wont be seeing much of them since I will be soooooo busy and absorbed with work.

Peace! *mwah*
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Jul 5, 2007
It's My BirthDay!!
Hi! It's been quite sometime.

I celebrated my birthday last July 2. Pero dahil hirap tayo, inisa ko na lang ang thanksgiving at birthday celebration ko. Thank God for the wonderful people who donated their love, effort and food and making the celebration an intimate one-- with closest friends and close relatives.

Thank you Antie Vicky for the Lechon Baboy. Thank you Antie Mariter for all the other food. Thank you Lola for the money. Thank you Uncle Caido for the phone call. Thank you Mommy Brenda for cooking the food. Thank you Antie Dally for the cake. Thank you Uncle Noel and Antie Rowena for the cake. Thank you Antie Arlene for the cake. Thank you Idessa Fiona for the cake. Thank you Marc and Dianne for the cake. Thank you Christine, Dagny and Lorelei for the gifts... all of these don't go unappreciated, ako pa!

Good vibes lang mga tsong!! Here are some pics:

My very few guests!

My closest college friends (umuwi na si deng!)

We just miss the other "tutays"

Bleehh!! We wish you were here!

Excited na ako..dahil oathtaking ko na bukas.. Yipee!!!


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Jun 17, 2007
An article in the PDI Sunday Magazine entitled Making Chastity Cool Again by Katrina A. Holigores is a must read for the all- teens, parents, school teacher and even young professionals. It talks about the disappointing increase in teens engaging in premarital sex and unprotected sex. As young as 15 (!!) young Filipinos are now experimenting freely in sex giving rise to teenage pregnancy, STDs and premarital living arrangements.

For most teens today, staying chaste maybe an outdated notion for them. I once read in someone else's blog that "you can't expect me to act like Maria Clara for I am no longer living in her circa". My initial reaction was "WTF" since I believe if one acts like a Maria Clara, she is only simply living what she believes in. Fine, one can certainly live her own way, killing the Maria Clara in her, but I must say, such a frigthening scenario!

If I must quote "Couples who practice chastity here in the Philippines usually do so because their parents were very involved in their chastity education, teaching them that sex is not a right but a privilege, that it has emotional consequence that are bigger and deeper than pregnancy and disease, and that when you really love someone, you don't put them in ANY risk-- physically, emotionally, mentally-- jus to enjoy moments of pleasure. Or two, they've relaized after making their own mistake, that there is just no "condom" for the heart and that premarital sex actually prevented then from getting what they want : getting to know someone, finding lasting love founded on friendship and respect".

SO be brave enough to stay chaste. Remember too that while virginity is the standard for chastity, the article too says that "purity is a much deeper and moral standard. Purity can be regained through a decision".

Valuable links: www.wagmuna.com and www.iamstrong.org (Please do visit these sites. These are very helpful links)


Dahil bored at busog ako , post na lang muna ako ng pic.

God bless and have a good week ahead!

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Jun 12, 2007
Of Good News and Good Company
I have been in hiatus for quite sometime. But it was all worth it. I left without any hint on what/ who keeps me busy... but I think it is now time to reveal what I have been doing.

Oh well.. nothing new. hihihi

I have been studying... all day, all night till the days came-- the board exam. And thank God, I pass it! Aheemm.. I am a CPA.. bongga! Pero jobless as of the moment (boo!).

After a few years of being stuck in Davao City, I finally have a taste of the provincial life at Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Thank you Roel for such warm accomodation!

Here are some chosen pics:

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Apr 7, 2007
Life Would Be Dull If It Is Perfect
Some things are never meant to be forgotten, dba? Old friends, old classmates, old memories and even ex-boyfriends... just few of the past that made us now.

I have always believe that people who came into our lives have purpose. They may only be an acquaintance but I am sure somehow they left a mark on us. Some friends go, some friends stay, some friends may become our enemies later on in life... we change, our friends change, all of us change...

And then, we lost communication. We forgot about how we seriously laugh at our mistakes... how we unknowingly offended someone...

But when we see each other, years after, we forgot all the mistakes and foul words we have caused each other because we know deep within us... those things are better left buried. We do not talk about who gossiped about who, who slept with who, because we have matured. We have become better. We now realize that afterall these years, afterall the learnings we have gone through together good or bad, eventful or uneventful, each of us is part of our lives, an extension of our selves.

You see, past is past. The future is waiting for us. Let not a thing from the past stop us from smiling at our future. Let's embrace our mistakes and be forgiving enough. Life would be dull if it is perfect.

God bless!
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Mar 23, 2007
Laughing at Yourself

Can you post your own funny pic?? A picture that's totally funny and embarassing at the same time.... A picture that says a lot about your other side.

I took this picture with my Moto phone inside my room while lazing around. I laughed so hard seeing this picture... and I actually shared this photo with my cousins and they too laughed. I mean it's not everyday I get photos like this. Besides, like now, I can't even do this face.... It was just a spur of the moment and I am lucky enought to caught it on cam.

What am I driving at?? You see, every photo of ours doesn't have to be picture perfect. It doesn't even need to be edited, I swear. The more distorted our perception of ourselves become when we put too much thought on how we look. Nobody is perfect anyway. I would actually prefer people telling me I look ugly on photos than telling me I am ugly in person.

You all can laugh at me (because even I laugh at this photo). Anyway, what matters is I can laugh at myself together with the people around me. How about you?? Can you laugh at yourself with me?? Oh, not all people can laugh at themselves. But kudos to those who can.

Lastly, still on the matter of funny photos, I'll share this photo with you.

These are my cousins VJ and Vian. Young as they are they know how to laugh at themselves.

How about you? Can you share your funny photos?? I'd be very willing to laugh with you.

God bless!!


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Mar 20, 2007
So... you don't have a boyfriend??
So, I don't have a boyfriend? What could possibly be wrong with that?!!

There are about 30 people ,mostly friends and family, who asked me, "So, you don't have a boyfriend?"

Why all of the sudden everyone is freaking out that I do not have one. When in fact, when I have one, they're like "why do you have one?".

I'm loving every single moment that I am a single. I have never been this independent in my life. No men to tell me what to do, to ask permission to or to even bother me with text messages. I have reason not to go out or to stay at home. It's all up to me now. Being single is one of the many beautiful temporary stages in life. I know, a year or two, or maybe a few months after, I'll soon be back in the dating scene. It's just that, it's not my priority right now.

A year ago, I went to a parlor to have my hair done. The hair stylist ask me for whom am I fixing myself for and I said "so that my boyfriend stick it out with me". I looked back at it now and I can only say how pathetic it was of me to have said that... booo!!! Tonight, I'm going to the parlor and have my hair done. If somene asks me that question again, I'll say "for myself, for my happiness' sake". Now, that would be a whole lot better, dba?

I'm happy.. and the road is still very long... still more time.. no rush.. no pressure on the boyfriend matter ... and please, don't ask me again that stupid question.
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